My studio was founded in oct. 2016 as a sole proprietorship, and is a breeding ground for design, experimentation and the realization of design objects and sculptures.
Initially I studied Fashion Design at the MAFAD, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, but I preferred to spatially work. After a long search, I started to study sculpture ( academie Genk Belgie), and later there was a study in fine art and design in education ( Academy of Fine Arts and Design).

My style of work is also characterized by biomorphism and organic design, a term commonly referred to as organic, abstract forms derived from biology and living organisms. Key features, smooth, flowing lines and sculpted shapes, holistic designs related to their environment. Fore me is the most abstract way to do studies of morphology probably is sculpture. The place, the landscape, the human landscape (both the inside and the outside), are important for me. The forms often begins in loosely drawn sketches, that first become a more formal style, after which I experiment to a more spacious, architectural form. Important for me are the impulses of free thinking and the natural flow.

Vision: I do not follow trends, big logos, surpluses, and prefer unique sculptural objects, or in a limited edition. I believe in a sustainable world, where waste is a source of material, things are produced close, and craftsmanship remains valued.


In addition to my free work, I also design on assignment.


Visual art in public space:

Environmental art in public space is one of the most accessible and accessible cultural expressions of a city, and has a direct relationship with the environment and that of the public. In the development of the artwork a direct relationship is entered into with the environment and the alignment with the public.

Monument design:

Adapted to interior or exterior, size, materials, etc. can be discussed without obligation.



Design at MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design).

Sculptor Academie Genk Belgie.

Fine art and design in education, at MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design).



Tentoonstellingen en presentaties:

Saatchi Art online galery 2018

Geballoteerde Groepsexpositie Stadsmuseum Harderwijk: Heelmeesters Februari 2018 

Contemporary Art Gallery HarneLL opening 16 december 2017

Studio Marjo Dill 2017

X bank Amsterdam, designobject I promise you a rosegarden 2017

FASHIONCLASH 2017 International & Interdisciplinary platform for new generation designers & artists 2017

Expo Water 2017

Van landschot inschrijving 2017

Krabbe zoekt Picasso 2017

Tassenmuseum presentatie en design award 2013/2014

Kunstcentrum Haarlem 2014

Gemeentehuis Beek

Terpkerkje Urmond



Award Leather design 2013, News