A new architectural, sculptural bag design 2017


Het ontwerpen van deze tas berust op de pijlers vanuit de verlichting, die stond voor dynamiek, beweging, en vooruitgang.  Belangrijk binnen het ontwerpproces was voor mij het experiment, om met leder een dynamische vorm te creëren, de functionaliteit is ondergeschikt.


The design of this bag is based on the pillars from the lighting, which stood for dynamics, movement, and progress. An important aspect of the design process for me was the experiment, to create a dynamic form with leather, the functionality is subordinate.



A bag that is recognizable for its architectural movement, and not a large logo



Dynamic exterior with floating inner bag

Materials: patent leather  ( lakleder)

Small edition 

Signed: logo and certificate

Colors: red, black, inner bag black/ outside red, innerbag red / outside black 

Bag in different material or color, is designed for you on request



Red bag Limited edition 5       695.00 euro

Black bag Limited edition 6     695.00 euro

Unica Black/ Red                     1150.00 euro

Unica Black/ Red                     1150.00 euro